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Sports Massage
60 min - $120  75 min - $150  90 min - $180

Massage techniques and stretching exercises to enhance athletic performance. Whether you are a professional athlete or engage in these activities for fun, a sports massage will help improve your performance, prevent sport-induced injuries, and help with arthritis pain in joints.

Add deep tissue for $10

Pain Management Massage
60 min-$120  75 min-$150 90min-$180

Includes deep-heat prep and post icing  muscle care.

- Ideal for joint pain, headache, extremely tight muscles -

                    Add deep tissue $10

Swedish Massage
60 min-$110   75 min-$135  90 min-$165

This massage is customized to your body's needs to relax. I do not emphasize in this massage on specific problem areas. Add deep tissue for $10

Annette pregnant.jpg
Mama Mia
60 min-$120  75 min-$150  90 min-$180

Congratulations! Prenatal massage for our expecting mothers - after 12 weeks -
The massage therapist adapts the massage to the anatomical changes you undergo during pregnancy.

The massage therapist uses a unique cushioning  while providing room for your growing belly and breasts so you can lie on your side with the support of a cushion. The electric table allows for an elevated backrest, enabling you to lie on your back without compressing your vena cava.

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