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Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008

Licensed Aesthetician since 2010

Certified EMT 2016

Dipl.  Acupuncturist in licensing process


Areas of Expertise 

Sports Massage

Chronic (joint) Pain Management

Acne Skin Care

Additional Training

Prenatal Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Oncology Massage



Frauke Fiedler-Vaartjes born 1977 in the French Province of Vaison La Romain, underwent a life-changing journey. Growing up in Germany, she earned degrees in economics and business. Her parents' death at twenty-two prompted lifestyle changes, including becoming a fitness instructor. A transformative year in the USA, particularly in Colorado, inspired her to continue her journey toward wellness.


After becoming a licensed massage therapist (2008) and aesthetician (2010), she opened Corpus Sanus Spa in 2011. In 2015, she earned her EMT license but started questioning Western Medicine after observing the potential of less invasive measures and the impact of lifestyle on health.


A mountaineering accident sparked her interest in acupuncture, leading to a master's degree in Classical Five Elements Acupuncture and a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a life-changing journey she started in 2018 and finished in 2024 -  she is currently preparing for board exams. Despite a personal growth-induced pause of two years, Frauke is passionate about using massage therapy and this amazing transformative medicine to enhance health and lives.

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